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Deep in the mountain

The Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant is located in the Swiss Alps in the Valais municipality of Finhaut between Martigny (CH) and Chamonix (F). The power station is completely underground, with only the Emosson and Vieux Emosson reservoirs visible from the outside.


The Nant de Drance scheme

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The Nant de Drance and related facilities are not open to the public. An information stand is open at the Châtelard Frontière train station every day between 8:30 am and 6 pm from 1 June to 31 October.

Vieux Emosson reservoir
Water intake
Safety valves chamber
Vertical penstocks
Steel-lined penstock
Power house cavern
Transformer chamber
Safety valves chamber
Water intake
Emosson reservoir