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Energy for the future

Sustainable development is at the heart of Nant de Drance's activities. Thanks to its energy storage function using a renewable resource, water, Nant de Drance contributes to the sustainable future of the Swiss and European energy system.


Promoting biodiversity

Fourteen projects at a total cost of twenty-two million Swiss francs have been, or will soon be, completed to offset the environmental impact of the following constructions: pumped storage power plant and very high-voltage line connecting the power plant to the power grid.

Most measures aim to recreate specific biotopes locally, especially wetlands, in order to encourage recolonisation of the area by certain rare or endangered animal and plant species in Switzerland.

In the Rhone valley, a set of six measures aims to recreate corridors favourable to the movement of fauna between the mountain slopes and the Rhone, as well as wetlands which are home to a rich biodiversity of plants and animals.

Set of measures in the Rhône valley at the mouth of the Trient.


The work is managed by Nant de Drance SA and monitored by an advisory group represented by WWF, Pro Natura, the public authorities concerned, the canton of Valais as well as the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.



Biotopes have been developed in the forest along the Bienvenue Canal in order to increase the amphibian population, or more specifically, yellow-bellied toads.


Fond du Mont

The wetland of the Fond du Mont in Vernayaz, which had been drained, has been refilled with water. As part of this project, the Lantze Canal will undergo renaturation and small lakes will be created along the River Salanfe.



Work is being carried out as part of a project to secure the stream in Alesse and a wetland has been developed along the right bank of the Rhône.


Lac des Sables

This measure will consist of reclaiming a gravel quarry lake and creating wetlands.



The bed of the Trient River will be widened by relocating a existing dyke in order to create an alluvial zone and give more space to the river. Additionally, specific biotopes will be developed set back from the bed of the River Trient.


Clos du Rhône

From the mouth of the Trient to the Dorénaz bridge, the bed of the Rhône will be widened to give it more room to expand, particularly in the event of flooding. Considered a priority, this measure is being carried out during the 3rd Rhône correction with the financial participation of Nant de Drance SA.